Superintendent's Message


On March 25th, Governor Inslee announced new guidance and changes to the social distancing
requirements for schools across Washington State. These recommendations had been suggested by the American Pediatrics Association and was eventually adopted at the national level by the Center for Disease Control. Governor Inslee’s new declaration has been given the support of the WA State Department of Health as well as the WA State Dept. of Labor and Industries. With this great news, district administration have begun the planning to bring students back to school on a full-day schedule across the district four or five days a week. As we work at finalizing our
schedules and practices concerning social distancing, we continue to work on adjusting many items.


Currently, kindergarten and high school students are already on-site four days a week. First through eighth grade students were on a half-day hybrid schedule due to space and distancing requirements. While we are eager to get all students back in-person as soon as possible, details such as new building master schedules, student schedules, lunch, supervision, and building safety procedures are being prepared to ensure a smooth transition for our students and families. After careful consideration, we are targeting the week of April 19th-23rd for students to return.


As a district, we still have approximately 55 students who remain fully online. It is our hope that many of these students will rejoin us in person. Due to Governor Inslee’s Proclamation 21-05.1 (Children and Youth Mental Health Crisis), which requires school districts to offer all K-12 students the opportunity to engage in both remote/online instruction and oncampus/in-person instruction, CSD teachers are preparing for both online and on-site content/instruction. This required additional planning/preparation necessitated Monday’s distance learning schedule. We are working through options which will determine whether we continue with a four day or move to five days a week on-site schedule. We will have this information out to our parents and community as soon as we have completed these plans. I would like to thank you for your patience over the past year as well as those that have reached out to share your thoughts, feedback, and support during this difficult time. Getting students back on-site safely has always been and will continue to be a priority. As the weather gets warm, spring break, and spring conference week approaches over the next month, please continue to stress the importance of the recommended safety guidelines. We are eager to take this next step and partner with our community to bring Burbank back stronger than ever.


Stay safe out there
and Go Coyotes!


Todd Hilberg, Superintendent