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Route times and stop locations are always subject to change. Dealing with capacity on our buses as well as new students coming into the district and some that may move out of the district.

Always remember that students are to be at their bus stops 5 minutes prior to their pickup time.

Below you will find a brief summary of the routes. Once you find your location, click on the route link in the right hand margin for detailed stop times and locations.


Route 1 – Includes East Humorist, South Lake Rd. and Arlene’s Addition. Also 3 stops at 26836, 27049 and 27161 on Ice Harbor Dr/Hwy 124

Route 2 – Burbank Heights with no highway stops.

Route 3 – Wallula - West Bourne Loop, and 1904, 1488, 522 Quincy & Quincy @ Harrison

Route 4 – Snake River Vineyard, Monument Dr., Charbonneau and 3 stops on Ice Harbor Dr./Hwy 124  at Flat Top Rd, 26601 and Janel Lane

Route 5 – Dodd Rd - Hansen Loop - Ringhoff –plus, 485 Sage, 104 Piper, 195 Ray and 267 West Humorist

Route 6 – Basin Dr. - Ray & Reinken,– Tri Tech Mondays only, times will be 1 hour and 10-15  minutes later. Tri Tech will depart at 7:20 on Mondays and 7:32 Tuesday thru Friday.

Route 7 – Special services, plus all stops on Tuttle and Gallant

Route 8 – Special Services/Not available at this time


Special routes please contact the transportation department at 727-5712.

If you have any questions regarding routes please feel free to contact me.

Thank you,

Holly Brickey Transportation and Maintenance Coordinator

Office – 509-380-0145 Cell- 509-727-5712