CMS Bulletin



April 14th, 2021


With the start of a new quarter, please return any library books that you are no longer reading


The deadline for submissions of school appropriate short stories and poems from all students and staff for the second volume of the Creative Writing Club's new literary magazine Word for Word has been extended until April 16.    Prizes for the best poem and short story will still be awarded!


The Sunrise Rotary Scholarship application for $2000 has been extended to May 6.  This is a wonderful opportunity for a senior from CHS so pick up an application and get it submitted. 


The honor society is hosting a blood drive for the American Red Cross on Thursday, April, 29th. If you are 16 and older and interested in donating blood, please see Sidney Safford, Kendal Armstrong, Ellcee Vernam,  Josie Lee, or Mrs. Kelly.


Attention Knowledge Bowlers! Plan on competing against DeSales in a virtual bowl tomorrow, Thursday at 7:30PM for a Knowledge Bowl rematch. Use the link in the Knowledge Bowl google classroom.




WEDNESDAY:                                                                                     CHICKEN SANDWICH

                                                                                                                HAM & CHEESE SANDWICH


THURSDAY:                         SAUSAGE EGG &                               HOT HAM & CHEESE MELT

                                                CHEESE BREAKFAST                         CHICKEN CAESAR SALAD




FRIDAY:                                CINNAMON BREAKFFAST             TERIYAKI DIPPERS OVER RICE

                                                ROUND                                                 TURKEY & CHEESE SANDWICH