Elementary School Staff

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If you wish to send mail to a staff person, please compose a new message to the staff members name using this formula: [email protected]  -- Where “first” is their first name, and “last” is their last name.
Kjiristi Bagley Student Support
Cody Bancroft Custodian
Cindy  Beck Student Support
Heather Beden 3rd Grade
Wendy Blount Food Service
Jolee Booker Psychiatrist
Katie Brown 5th Grade
Shelly Brown 2nd Grade
Richard Davis 5th Grade
Julie DeBord Student Services
Sara Dotta Kindergarten
Emily Ellingford Special Education
Jeffrey Freelund 4th Grade
Robin Giese Computer Lab
Cynthia Glazier Kindergarten
Michelle Good 3rd Grade
Katherine Kinzer Para Educator
LaVerne Kirkelie Learning Programs
Karen Klug Migrant/Bilingual Program
Cherie Lembcke Para Educators
Maria Licon-Olivera Custodian
Jeanette Linja Library
Rielly MacPherson Student Support
Bailey Newell 3rd, 4th, 5th Grade Support
Nicole Nielsen Student Support
Benita Overstreet Migrant/Bilingual Program
Sarah Paget Student Support
Bethany Pierce 2nd Grade
Isabel Pina Special Education
Nicole Powers Learning Programs
Josh Reardon 4th Grade
Michelle Redden Learning Programs
Lou Reisenauer Custodian
Susan Rickords 4th Grade
Sandra Samoray 1st Grade
Megan Snyder Music
Christi Sorbel 1st Grade
Tammy Stucke ECEAP Teacher
Nikki Swanson Spec. Education Director
Chelsea Taylor Physical Education
Juline Tuck Office Manager
Max Wambold Student Support
Riley Warburton PreSchool
Tammy Ward Learning Programs
Renita Wattenburger Para Educator
Karla Way Kindergarten
Haylea Werlinger Student Support
Elaine Wilbert Food Service
Renee Wilhelm 1st Grade
Danna Williams Psychiatrist
Rachel Williams 3rd Grade
Tommy Wolf Para Educator
Ian Yale Principal
Vylett Young Student Support