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Columbia Middle School

Dear Parents and Guardians: 
I would like to welcome all of you veteran middle school parents and an extra special welcome to those of you who are first timers. This is an exciting time in your child’s life and a busy time as we gear up for another year with a new batch of kids. I love this community of Burbank and feel blessed to work in a school system of this size. We have the ability to make real connections with the students and families that we serve due to our size and general good nature of those in our great American small town.

As a school we strive to:
· Treat each student as an individual and celebrate them for who they are.
· Believe that mistakes and failures are key to learning and that all of us should approach life as a work in progress.
· Believe that all students can learn and meet high standards. Recognizing that some students must overcome significant barriers, which are not insurmountable.
· Work to create a safe, civil, healthy, and intellectually stimulating learning environment where students feel respected and connected with the staff and engaged in learning.
· Believe that it is our responsibility to help our students develop solid academic skills as well as skills of resilience, persistence, hope, and a passion to serve something greater then themselves.