Embrace College Credit!

Over the past few years Columbia’s staff have worked diligently to bring higher-ed credit options to students right on our campus! During the 17/18 school year and prior, Columbia’s staff offered the following courses for both high school and college credit at no charge to students: Computer Applications, Personal Finance, Video Editing and Advanced Video courses through our Business department with Mrs. Aune; Animal Science plus Horticulture through our Agriculture department with Ms. Cahow; Calculus I with Mrs. Larios; Pre Calculus I & II with Mrs. Waters; Introduction to Literature plus Composition with Ms. Webber-Gray; Spanish III with Mr. Sloan and Modern Government with Mr. Gale. These seven staff members put tremendous time and effort into these 13
courses to ensure that their students have access to a solid high school curriculum in their coursework, plus the added rigors of college-level work for those students who are interested in attaining the additional credit. This fall we have added some additional dual-credit options that will prove to be hugely beneficial to our students! Mr. Curtis has developed a Leadership and Readiness course that will be available for both HS and college credit. Mrs. Larios will extend her Calculus I course, also offering Calculus II for both HS and college credit. Mrs. Larios has also worked with Eastern Washington University to develop a Fundamentals of Higher Mathematics course. Mr. Gale’s US History classes have also been approved through EWU for dual credit. The hard work from
Columbia’s staff has brought the opportunity for 17 distinct courses that students can take for either HS credit alone, or both HS and college credit, right here on our own campus. Thank you CHS staff for your commitment to our students’ futures and thank you to CBC and EWU for these amazing partnerships!