June 03, 2019

Columbia Elementary School-

This will be the last note for this year.  We are close to the end of the year and there are so many activities and events going on the next couple of weeks.  This morning, Mr. Yale met with the 2nd grade team and they discussed next year while the other grade level teams talked about all the various activities planned for the next nine days!  Next year there are many exciting things happening that include more services for students, more technology and staff taking on new roles and positions!

Columbia Middle School-

Today during collaboration, the middle school staff met and discussed the plans for the last two weeks of school. This included our check out process, book check in, and end of year activities and assemblies.

Columbia High School-

At the June 3rd collaboration session for Columbia High School, the staff broke out into smaller Professional Learning Communities to work on choice topics.  These topics included:

  • Special services paperwork for students on Individualized Educational Programs, particularly with respect to individualized graduation requirements.
  • Final assessments for career, technical education courses and CTE completer data.
  • Increasing levels of student engagement through the use of technology applications including Kahoot.
  • Columbia's dual credit courses through Eastern Washington University, ensuring content and documentation requirements have been met. 
  • End of year fitness testing requirements.