January 13, 2020

Columbia Elementary School-

This morning, the whole staff met to first, congratulate Mrs. Rickords on being selected as Columbia School District's Crystal Apple recipient.  She is certainly deserving of this regional honor!

Secondly, our staff met to discuss the House Program and ideas to continue to make it better and better.  Our District adopted the Character Strong program this fall, and our school uses the House Program to work on character traits.  Tomorrow is our first House Assembly of this year, and the focus of our month is perseverance.  The staff discussed many ways to support the students as we move through the rest of the year promoting the different themes of the Character Strong.  Many great ideas were discussed and look forward to the rest of the year with what we do with the House Program.  
This Wednesday, the teachers are meeting from 2:45 pm to 4:15 to work through our Professional Learning Community process.  Our focus will be the writing rubrics, K-5, and the reading and writing data that we are receiving through the assessment programs we use at the elementary school.  Additionally, we are working on our math programs and Key Concepts that all students will be assessed on K-5.  Our staff has spent many hours on this process and I am so impressed at how hard they have worked and what systems we now have in place.  Stay tuned for more great news on both the Character Strong/House Program and our Professional Learning Community work! 

Columbia Middle-

Today for collaboration the middle school staff started with a Character Strong discussion and goals for the week. The remainder of the time was dedicated to continuing to grow as a PLC. Staff were working together to identify priority standards for their subject areas.

Columbia High School-

For the 1/13/2020 collaboration session at Columbia High School, the two main topics that all staff worked on included content area Learning Targets for each course, and Student Growth Goals for each content area.  Staff shared their work to this point in solidifying Learning Targets by course, then by content area group compared, contrasted and honed these.  Staff then shared their individual, small group and whole content goals, then followed up by sharing the proposed measure, or assessment, they plan to use to show growth, and began the process of planning for redesign of student work and researching for proficiency.