November 18, 2019

Columbia Elementary School-

This morning, many of the teaching staff met with Brenda Dunn, the Regional Math Coordinator from the Educational Service District 123 (ESD123).  Brenda discussed with the teachers different strategies and resources to support all students in the classroom and further provided guidance for the math materials adoption the elementary will be looking at in the very near future.  Additionally, the para educators met and reviewed the information they were provided by Jennifer Kelly, P-3 and Migrant Coordinator from ESD123 last Friday.  

Columbia Middle/High School-

At the 11/18 collaboration session at Columbia High School, the staff was able to partner with content area teachers from Columbia's Middle School.  In each of these content area groups, the topic of the day was to continue working on a protocol sequence that covered:
1.  The securing of main learning targets by content area
2.  Building an assessment based on a chosen learning target
3.  Securing a baseline level for competency based on the assessment
4. Designing re-teaching work for students who do not make the competency on the first try.
Today's work continues the Professional Learning Community efforts that the middle school and high school staff began on October 11th.