March 18, 2019

Columbia Elementary School-

We are so fortunate to have such great community support!  Last Monday, McTeacher’s night at McDonald’s, our school raised over $1,400 for our library!  In speaking to the manager, our school doubled what schools twice our size bring in during the two-hour event.  Once again, thank you Burbank for your outstanding support!


·         This week, Pre-School will continue to discuss roads and who builds them, and after this hard winter, who repairs them.  Additionally the students will be learning about the letter ‘K’!

·         Kindergarten is taking a field trip this Friday to our local library.  Additionally, the students will be working on the following sight words…they, good and are. 

·         This morning during collaboration, First Grade is preparing the STAR assessment in reading and math, and also working on data collection and graphing in math!

·         Second Grade will continue working with the Changes unit in Science and are preparing end of the quarter assessments in nearly all the subjects!

·         This week, Third Grade will be working on a mini vocabulary book and totem pole for Social Studies and are planning and building a rough concept of salamander tunnels in Science.

·         Fourth Grade will be doing Market Day this Friday…always very exciting.  In Science, the students will be constructing a working hand held fan. 

·         And finally our Fifth Grade discussed the Google Documents platform and started scheduling Spring Conferences

Columbia Middle School-

Report Coming Soon!

Columbia High School-

At the 3/18 collaboration session for Columbia High School, the staff bounced in an out of a variety of meetings covering the following topics:


  • High School and Beyond plans for students, particularly those represented presently in special categories like English Language Learners and Special  Services
  • Creating follow up vocabulary work for students who have not met standard on content area vocabulary.
  • Protocols for senior projects and presentations.
  • Career Technical Education department precision exams covering all sections of the business applications department.
  • Planning lesson unit covering plant and greenhouse systems.