Columbia Elementary School-
Today the elementary teachers worked with Andrew Kramer, Technology Director, on our new e-mail system and Google Drive and documents.
Columbia Middle School-

ELA Teachers

For this week’s Monday morning collaboration, the 6th, 7th, and 8th ELA teachers convened to discuss the merits of various magazine subscription services (e.g.,Scholastic Scope, TIME for Kids) and how such auxiliary material is incorporated into the adopted Collections curriculum. In addition, strategies to hone vocabulary building within a two-hour ELA class were discussed and debated. While a consensus was reached that time spent reviewing vocabulary words embedded in a particular piece of writing is imperative for comprehension, time should also be set aside within a blocked class such as ELA to provide stand-alone vocabulary instruction (e.g., copy definitions, use new words in a sentence) so students in morning Read 180 classes are not blindsided when they return for the second-half of their regular ELA class. With respect to student writing, the ELA team decided to touch base with each other in a couple weeks to give updates on student progress regarding reading and writing for informational purposes, for three teachers have been focusing on expository writing to start off the school year.  


Other teachers met and discussed their TPEP goals for the year. This meeting focused on which students to target (grade level, subject and class) sub group, period of time for data collection and what data to collect.  

Columbia High School-
At the 9/17 collaboration session at Columbia High School the staff broke out into several smaller Professional Learning Communities to look at various topics.  These sessions included:
1. Columbia's School Improvement Plan - a group of staff reviewed the 17/18 plan looking for common links to goals and action steps for 18/19 and how to make positive increases to these
2. Technology integration into content areas, including Microsoft Word and assignments on the Home toolbar and Insert toolbar.
3.  Modification of curriculum in the math department to ensure that students needs are met, and that differentiation among learners can be optimized,
4.  Fitness testing, ensuring consistency across classes and alignment to standards was a big topic for one PLC group.
5.  The "My College Options Survey" and sub topics were reviewed by a group of staff.
6.  A team of staff covered student engagement on a series of "Constitution Day" lessons.