January 14, 2019

Columbia Elementary School-

The second full week of the new year…it is always nice to get back on a regular schedule.  But next week, Monday is a holiday and Friday is early release…so much for a regular schedule!  Here is what happened in the different collaborations today:
  • Pre-School continues to study the classic fairy tale of 3 Little Pigs.  The students will be comparing fiction/non-fiction as well as working on rhyming and retelling skills.
  • Kindergarten is working with the Mitten story and on sequencing skills.  In math, the students are working on writing number names, 2D/3D objects and are doing an introduction to addition.
  • First Grade continues to review the students’ progress in reading using the DIBELS scores and in math the students are doing simple addition and subtraction using paper/pencil and manipulatives. 
  • Second Grade is continuing in the “Lend a Hand” unit in reading and working on parts of speech and vocabulary.  Additionally, they are starting the science unit of “Changes” developed by the Smithsonian Institution. 
  • The Third Grade is busy writing about the author’s purpose in fables and in science is how animals can be helped when their habitat changes.  Additionally, the teachers reviewed their DIBELS results and discussed how to get students to be more descriptive when telling and writing about their reading passages.
  • Fourth Grade is focusing on Martin Luther King Jr. for their reading and using Scholastic News to support student learning.  In science, the students are finishing up their salmon reports and learning about energy all around us.  Multiples and factor continue to be the focus in math.
  • Our Fifth Grade is working on comparing and contrasting various viewpoints in reading and continue to use the Lego Robotics unit in science.  In math, the students are learning to plot data using input and output charts, and in social studies, the students continue their study of the Thirteen Colonies.  


Columbia Middle School-

Today for collaboration, the middle school staff met and learned about new safety procedures. We learned about a fortified lockdown as compared to the traditional lockdown. We also talked about evacuation and counter measures during an emergency event. We decided the multi-media class will create videos to help teach the students about our improved procedures.

olumbia High School-

At the January 14 collaboration session for Columbia High School staff, the full staff used the time to review and plan with data surrounding three main topics.  The first topic was  present grades for our student population as we move into finals week next week.  Staff reviewed and then planned for making a push to get as much student work completed as possible prior to semester finals and prepped for teaching additional testing strategies. The second topic included the recent "School Climate" survey taken by our student body.  Staff reviewed topics on student interest in coursework, student engagement and safety.  We reviewed not only data but student recommendations from individual surveys.  We will continue to use this data to refine approaches in the classroom.  The final topic covered was preparing additional student growth goals for the upcoming semester, and logging these goals into the teacher evaluation program, eVAL.