March 02, 2020

Columbia Elementary School-

March has begun, and this is always a busy month!  We Care Sports is here this week, and we end the month with the 5th Avenue Theatre and Reptile Man!  During collaboration this morning:

  • PS – We are starting a new unit on roads. This is one of the kids' favorite units. We will tape a road all over the floor while we learn about different features of the road. We also discussed individual needs of several of our students on IEPs and how to meet their needs.
  • Kindergarten - We have finished assessing most students using the  Phonemic Awareness Skills Test from the Hagerty Phonemic Awareness program.  This excellent information will be shared with parents. Additionally, our group discussed individual student results on the assessment and reviewed common skills that need classroom whole group practice.  This week is Dr. Seuss week so we combined storybooks, reading skills and crafts.
  • 1st/2nd - Reviewed the Snap Ed program provided by Walla Walla Health District and discussed the grade levels progress on the math Columbia Core Concepts. 
  • 3rd – Continued to work on writing strategies to support students in effectively using the rubric to make corrections and provide guidance to further increase descriptive sentences. 
  • 4th/5th – The two grade level teams met together and discussed Accelerated Reading (AR) goals and how to support the student ending up strong in reading.  Additionally they are working on interventions for Math a Reading and focusing on students that still need to become proficient on their math facts.  


Columbia Middle-

Today for collaboration the middle school staff met as a whole group and had a presenter from the Language Acquisition Consortium (Connie Taylor-Randall) teach us seven GLAD strategies. Today we centered on Focus and Motivation and learned strategies that:
  • Activates and builds connections
  • Sparks interest, excitement and engagement
  • Sets purpose for learning (student-driven)
  • Identifies and assesses prior knowledge

Columbia High School-

For the 3/2 collaboration session at Columbia High School, the sequence of Columbia Core Concepts, followed by associated Learning Targets, followed by Student Growth Goals and Measures per target was the focus for the entire hour.  Staff have been preparing this cycle of roughly a dozen concepts, then eight or so targets per concept, then a student growth goal per target for once content area for several weeks now.  Once these are completed for the initial content area, we will be expanding the work to cover all of our other content areas as well.