November 19, 2018
Columbia Elementary School-

After two and half days for conferences…this is going to be another short week.  We are having two outstanding events this week: the opening of the Activities Wing (Tuesday 4pm to 6pm) and the Jog-a-Thon Assembly (Wednesday morning at 8:15 am…the first event in the new gymnasium)!  Some of the information discussed at collaboration included: dramatic play centers, thinking ahead on Kindergarten graduation, a plethora of Thanksgiving activities (writing and art), acrostics, writing to a rubric, multiplication strategies to help students and…in science…how to secure a load with a rope!



Columbia Middle School-
Today for collaboration the Middle School Staff met and did an activity around an article that discussed strategies to reduce teacher talking and increase the students talking/learning. Here is the link to the article:

To reinforce the learning from the article the in their table groups the staff completed a A-Z summary activity that we learned during our last staff development day. We used Google Classroom to share all the materials and turn in the summary once they completed it. Mr. Taylor reviewed the process of assigning work in Google Classroom to help teachers use it in their own classes.

With the spirit of Thanksgiving, we ended collaboration with a gratitude activity and gave everyone a chance to say thank you to someone within our district.


Columbia High School-

 At the 11/19 collaboration session at Columbia High School, the staff chose smaller Professional Learning Communities to break out into and address certain topics.  Those areas covered by the various PLC groups included:

-  Implementation of the 'google science fair' as a classroom project. 

- Application strategies and activities to increase cultural awareness in targeted content language. 

- Development of curricular contents in geometry, including graduated concepts and congruence.

- Tracking and supporting our off campus students in programs such as Tri Tech or running start. 

- Engaging work across content areas including literature and social sciences. 

- Integration of technology into lesson plans. 

- Safety and emergency protocols.