CSD Redistricting Notice - April 2022

Columbia School District #400

2022 Redistricting Hearing

Please be advised the Columbia School District No. 400 has completed the review of the boundaries for their board of director districts to ensure equitable geographic representation.  These boundaries are completely unrelated to school attendance boundaries.  A copy of the said realigned district boundaries is on file in the administration office and copies thereof will be furnished to any person who might call upon the district for it.  They can also be viewed on the Columbia School District 400 webpage at www.csd400.org.

The Board of Directors will meet on Monday, April 25, 2022, at 7:00 p.m. with the redistricting hearing beginning at 7:15 or soon thereafter at the Administration Building Board Room, 755 Maple St. Burbank, Washington for the purpose of hearing, fixing, and adopting the proposed boundary realignment.  Any person may attend the virtual meeting on the Columbia School District #400 Facebook page.  Any comments for or against any part of the redistricting can be made through this medium, and will be addressed at the scheduled time.