Return to School Plans + Bus Route UPDATE 4-19-2021

Rt 6 times will be 5 minutes later than noted effective 4/20/21. All other routes effective 4/21/21. All times are subject to change if needed.
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CSD Reopening Update 4-16-2021: Attention students, parents, and community members, Columbia School District plans to move forward with the full reopening for all students in 1st-8th grade beginning next Wednesday, April 21st. We were notified that the student desks are on their way and are scheduled to arrive sometime Monday morning (April 19th). Thank you to those who have reached out to the district office and offered to assist in putting these together. If you would like to assist, we will be assembling desks on Monday from 12-7 pm at the CMS gym. Please contact Nakia McCarley at 547-2136 so that we can add your name to the list in case we have any changes in times or finish early. Due to state and county gathering regulations, masks and a temperature check will be required to be on-site.

Monday (online day), we will be delivering meals on a normal schedule.
Tuesday, students in Preschool, Kindergarten, and high school will come to school on their regular schedules. Students in 1st-8th grade will be online while rooms continue to be prepared for the full day reopening.
No meals will be delivered on Tuesday, April 20th due to the mid-day preschool transportation.
We are so excited to have everyone back on Wednesday! Thank you for your patience during this time of transition. Have a great weekend and Go Coyotes!
Columbia School District is excited to announce our plans for the return of all elementary and middle school students.  Due to continued online requirements via Governor Inslee’s emergency proclamation, CSD students will engage in on-site learning four days a week with Monday continuing to serve as an online learning day.  This day is provided for staff to plan and prepare for online content and material for those students and families that continue to seek an online only option.  We will continue this four day a week model through the end of the current school year.  Those families seeking an online option next year (2021-2022 school year) will have an alternate option provided by our district, while on-site instruction will transition back to a full time five day a week schedule.  
While we are getting closer to traditional school as we used to know it, staff and students must continue to follow the previous health and safety procedures established this year including the daily attestation, temperature checks, wearing of masks, and distancing requirements.  We will continue to provide the additional cleaning and protocols established by the Washington State Dept. of Health to ensure that students and staff remain in a safe learning environment.
As for our plans this spring to bring back 1st-8th grade full time four days a week, district officials previously communicated a tentative target of next week to start our transition.  We are still hopeful that we are able to maintain this timeline.  Currently, the plan is to bring back all students beginning Wednesday, April 21st for full day instruction.  Due to specific distancing requirements, several of our classrooms with large tables were not able to adequately distance students in the necessary classroom space.  Because of this, new desks were ordered and are currently on their way to Burbank.  The desks are scheduled to arrive on-site sometime Monday, April 19th (if we do not have any delays).  We remain committed to ensuring all staff and students have a safe and high-quality learning experience.   
Please take a look at the adjustments to next week’s schedule in preparation for a full day return:
Mon., April 19th- Online day for all students (regular Monday schedule) 
Tues., April 20th- Online for 1st-8th grade
1st-8th grade staff adjusting classrooms and furniture
Regular schedule for Kindergarten and HS students 
Wed., April 21st- K-12 Full Day 
Depending on when the desks arrive on Monday, district officials are seeking community support to assist in assembling desks to ensure that they are ready for students on Wednesday.  If you are interested in assisting in putting desks together, please contact Nakia McCarley at the district office for additional details.  If we find out that the desks are delayed, we may be forced to adjust the return to school dates.  We will provide parents and community members with an update on next week's dates by Friday, April 16th.   
While there have been many challenges along the way in planning and preparing for the return of all students, I want to extend a “thank you” for your patience and understanding throughout this process.  Please know that we have done our best to mitigate the factors concerning safety, space, furniture, schedules, etc... while maintaining a laser like focus of increasing students' time on-site.  This could not be done without an unwavering belief that the best learning environment for students is in the classroom.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the district office at 509-547-2136.
Todd Hilberg
Columbia School District #400