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Superintendent's Message

Dear Patrons,

     As you receive this newsletter the block walls will begin giving shape to the new elementary gym and classrooms. Later this month, the walls will be completed and the trusses for the roof will be in place. In addition, just after school is out, the contractors will begin work inside to remodel the single stall staff bathrooms; renovated restrooms with multiple stalls will be readied when the staff returns this next fall. In addition, the multipurpose room carpet will be pulled and the concrete polished in preparation for turning this space into a true cafeteria by Thanksgiving.

     While remodeling the elementary school, we also replaced the 25 year-old middle school boiler which had a cracked heat exchanger, the heart of the boiler. Rather than replacing the single boiler with another single boiler, our school board approved replacing the single boiler with two boilers—a lead and lag system. This forward-thinking will insure that, should one boiler fail, the other will make up the heat and keep our middle school at least modestly warm while repairs are made.

     Finally, after 20 years, the light fixtures under the high school soffits began to fail. Rather than replacing the inefficient high pressure sodium lights, we ordered sleek looking and energy efficient LED lights bases. In short, we continue to use local levy dollars to improve the education of our students, which includes upgrading and maintaining our schools. Thank you for your continued trust and support in our schools!

Lou Gates, Superintendent