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This Week's Teacher Collaboration News

Monday, November 17, 2014:

COLUMBIA ELEMENTARY SCHOOL - We have the Jog-a-Thon Assembly this Friday!  The students always looks forward to this, and Friday some basketball players from the high school are coming down to celebrate Jog-a-Thon and kick off the basketball season!

▪Pre-School is working on Building Structures & Exploring Shapes: the next STEM unit will take the students through December.  The children will build structures using varying materials, make observations about materials and compare/contrast the materials, and make observations about structures and use words to compare and contrast them.

▪Kindergarten is preparing for Thanksgiving learning activities as well as the Thanksgiving Feast that will happen next week. 

▪In collaboration today, the First Grade group reviewed their group conference process and discussed feedback from parents.  The students will also be working on the concept of cause and effect using Thinking Maps.

▪Second Grade discussed reading text to self, perspective and utilizing text correctly; additionally, in math the students are working on subtraction with regrouping.

▪The Third Grade teachers will be working with the students on the final draft of their solar system projects.  In Math the students will be using a Brace Map to review place value.

▪Fourth and Fifth Grade discussed the Minute Math program that we use as homework and reviewed student progress on Moby Max (math)

COLUMBIA MIDDLE SCHOOL - Some Math and Science teachers met and discussed citing of evidence and how that looks in a science and math class.  They discussed using the A.C.E. strategy (answer the question and restate; cite your work; explain your answer) that the Language Arts department introduced to us in a previous Monday morning meeting. Science team discussed having students create a cell out of jello and other material along with the evaluation process using a rubric.  

Some reading teacher met to discuss their TPep artifacts. They talked about sample work, exemplars of how the students are progressing using the ACE format for answering questions and also discussed that the kids are kind of up and down as to whether they have fully incorporated ACE into their answers. Obviously it is still going to take some time to make this process the default way of answering questions.

The Media team met and discuss the media class and how it was going.  They have had to set different parameters for the students.  Starting this month, each individual student will be responsible for submitting their own newspaper article along with their monthly group video projects.  They will also hold monthly brainstorm class meetings where They will assign and monitor student progress in regards to the Coyote Howl.  They will probably do the same for CMS Live if they find story lines becoming a problem.  They tried to see if students could monitor themselves, but after the first quarter, they've decided that they need to start more structured and then allow for freedom later in the year.  


COLUMBIA HIGH SCHOOL -For the November 17th collaboration session at Columbia High School staff began with a review of a “Foundational Lesson Assessment” form, discussing its parts and purposes.  Continuing, staff related each of the three areas – staff, observer and student – to components from Danielson’s framework for teaching.

Following the FLA work, staff heard presentations regarding three of the special service programs that Columbia utilizes.  Our director for bilingual student services, our resource instructor and our life skills instructor each presented ways to assist their student populations in the classroom, review techniques for accommodating and modifying lessons to support students, and opportunities for linking lessons within general ed classrooms for the special populations students.

Technology Updates

Columbia School District is working to enhance technology in the classroom. Interactive Whiteboards are our latest addition.

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