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Our Mission Statement: In partnership with our community, our mission is to provide relevant and challenging work that engages students so they persist when experiencing difficulties and have a sense of accomplishment when they succeed.

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Come one, come all! The Foods and Nutrition's third period class will be serving savory Hawaiian cuisine inside a friendly and fun atmosphere.

Experience the sights and flavors of the South Pacific at Hawaii 5-O all while helping students learn valuable lessons in restaraunt managment. Head on down on the 6th of May between 12:15-1:30 to Mrs. Williams' room to have an amazing meal!

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This Week's Teacher Collaboration News

Monday, April 14, 2014:

COLUMBIA ELEMENTARY SCHOOL -At little frost on the grass this morning…but what a beautiful day it is going to be!  The students have the 5th Avenue theatre presenting to them this afternoon, and the STEAM Expo is coming up on Wednesday, April 23rd!  Today, during collaboration:

• The 5th grade teachers reviewed the ‘cold write’ assessment the students did and collaborated on scoring them.  These assessments are part of our fluency program.  The Growth and Development program will be presented to the girls and boys this week.  Mrs. Schwarz our school nurse will be working with the girls and Mr. Yale with be instructing the boys. 

• The 4th grade teachers are in final preparations for this week’s Market Day on Friday.  Notes have been sent out regarding Store Day requesting parent help as well as donations.  We will have students look at, explore, and practice the SBAC tests in our computer lab in conjunction with Mrs. Giese and Mr. Kramer.  In math, students will start fractions.  Mrs. Armstrong has worked on providing stations for those that catch on quickly so she can work with those that need extra help. She may rearrange some kids to provide some review for those that need it.  We discussed night and the activities and explored some possible activities for STEAM Expo:  Mrs. Parks will be making paper cup ‘vehicles’, testing how far they will roll, and recording the distances on a bar graph.  Mrs. Beden is doing a muddy water activity showing how you might get clean water from muddy water.  

• The 3rd grade teachers discussed the details of their Walla Walla trip tomorrow.  They reported… "we will be going to Whitman College to look at their math and science building.  We will be going into their planetarium as well as doing a fossil station and touring through their math and science building to see all the fun and exciting possibilities of college.  We will also tour their campus and eat in their student union building."  Additionally, in math, Mrs. Good and Mr. Donlon reported, "In math this week we are starting capacity measurements and converting pints, cups, quarts, gallons.  In science we are continuing to learn about animal classifications, and in reading the students are continuing summary skills, and typing up their spring break paragraphs.”

• The 2nd grade teachers met with Mr. Yale about a change in program for next year.  The teachers are interested in doing Subject Based Instruction like our 3rd-5th grade students do.  The group also discussed that they are starting their butterfly unit and that the larva has arrived and the students have begun learning about caterpillars and the life cycle of the butterfly.

• The 1st grade teachers continued to evaluate the reading program they deliver to the students.  They are doing at STAR reading assessment on each student and they are happy to report that all the students are reading.  They also discussed the STEAM Expo, they reported, “We discussed what we are doing for Wednesday, April 23.  Mrs. Brown and Mrs. Powers are going to be set up in Mrs. Brown’s room showcasing our Organisms unit.   They will have the fish and the bugs on display, the visiting parents/students will plant a seed.   Mrs. Wilhelm is going to buddy up with her 5th grade buddy room and do an engineering project using toilet paper rolls and poster board, this will happen in Mrs. Turner’s 5th grade room.”

• The Kindergarten teachers met with Staci Spencer form the Co-op Pre-School that is housed in the Baptist church.  They answered many questions about Kindergarten readiness and were able to provide her with lots of information to take back to the parents of the pre-schoolers.

• Our pre-school is doing a dad’s day on Thursday where the fathers will come with the students to eat donuts, do a craft, science project and get their picture taken!  Currently, the students are working on the life cycle of the butterfly, writing the letter I and U, and working on the concept of more and fewer.

MIDDLE SCHOOL - During the April 14th collaboration the Middle School staff met as a group and discussed issues around our schedule for next year. First we started by discussing blocking reading and language arts in our schedule and how it could greatly improve the learning of our students. We also talked about ability grouping our intervention periods instead of grade level grouping as they currently are. This brought up some other issues regarding Response to Intervention and how we need to find ways to help motivate the students who are underperforming. We talked about having more enrichment classes for those students who are not in need of interventions. We discussed the pros and cons of each topic and next steps. The general consensus was that blocking reading and language arts was a good idea as was ability grouping our intervention classes. The major concern with ability grouping our intervention classes was the need to have a set of materials that would meet the students needs.

COLUMBIA HIGH SCHOOL - For the collaboration session at Columbia HS on April 14th staff rotated through a variety of activities.  The largest activity was a review of the Danielson Framework for effective teaching, particularly components within domains 1 and 4.  Staff reviewed these components and a previously created listing of artifacts that would aid in the full implementation of each component.  Staff members also collaborated on the same components, comparing and contrasting work samples that fit, in an effort to improve in the associated areas.

Additionally some Professional Learning Community groups broke off to continue work in specific curricular areas.  Covered areas included Career and Technical Ed, Social Studies and Fine Arts.  Staff involved in these PLC groups reviewed curricular objectives and aligned these to end of course exams and needs.



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Columbia School District is working to enhance technology in the classroom. Interactive Whiteboards are our latest addition.

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