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A reminder for lunch accounts: When you send your child with lunch money it may take up to 24 hours for the money to be posted to the account. Columbia School District has a no-charge policy, therefore, students who have a "0" balance may not be able to purchase lunch until the following day.

Our Mission Statement: In partnership with our community, our mission is to provide relevant and challenging work that engages students so they persist when experiencing difficulties and have a sense of accomplishment when they succeed.


Online Registration 2014

Welcome to online registration. Available 8-13-14. Quick reminder -- The system only allows existing Parents and Guardians with an active Skyward account to update their information for the upcoming school year. New families and students will need to register at their respective buildings in which those children will attend.

The system was updated over the summer and features a new look. Click HERE for a quick step guide for navigating the new look. Those that are a bit more adventurous can start right away as soon as you log into the Skyward Family Access Portal located in our right hand margin under Coyote Tools.

Thank you for using online registration as it saves time, improves accuracy and reduces paperwork.


Summer Lunch Program

The Summer Meals Program feeds kids and teens 18 years and under. Sites are located at places such as schools, parks and community centers. To find the location and time of Summer Meals sites nearest you, Call the Family Food Hotline 1-888-4-FOOD-WA (1-888-436-6392) or visit www.ParentHelp123.org to find your Summer Meals sites online.


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Common Language of Instruction

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Instructional Coherence from Theory to Practice


This Week's Teacher Collaboration News

Monday, September 8, 2014:

COLUMBIA ELEMENTARY SCHOOL ECEAP Pre-School begins tomorrow morning!  We are looking forward to having the new program in our school and getting all the students settled in!

▪ Kindergarten is working on the rubrics for the WaKids Assessment and scored some samples.

▪ 1st Grade reviewed the math pacing guide and reviewed the yearly pre-math assessment.

▪ 2nd Grade met with Mr. Yale today and discussed the soils unit and math program.

▪ 3rd Grade will be working on the Double Bubble Map this week and moving to the Tree Map.

▪ 4th/5th Grade discussed and evaluated the Common Core Standards for both grades. 


MIDDLE SCHOOL - During teh September 15th collaboration staff at the middle school completed the following:

▪ Intervention
Our Tier 3 intervention teachers spent collaboration hour reviewing a student’s IEP.  They discussed MAP scores and how They will be using those to guide instruction.  They also discussed the need for accommodations for our low readers during the Winter Map testing for math and different ways that could be carried out.

▪ Science
Our Science teachers worked together to sign up for Science literacy training through the ESD and succeeded in registering. They then examined Criteria 6.2 for TPEP and talked through several options for our goal. They decided on a goal and submitted it for approval and as a result of that conversation they are reevaluating our stated goal and will continue to collaborate in reaching an effective goal for the stated criteria.

▪ English Language Arts
The ELA teachers  met to discuss the recent training they attended and to plan a future presentation to the staff. They decided to take Smarter Balance tasks and teach to the specific skills needed to successfully complete these tasks. Some of the skills they plan on teaching include close reading, graphic organizers, citing text evidence, marking up the text, and vocabulary in context. One teacher will be choosing test elements and will plan from there. They think we will need one more Monday morning to organize and distribute work and would then need some additional time to plan out our presentation.


COLUMBIA HIGH SCHOOL -For the 9/15/14 collaboration session at Columbia High School, staff members broke out into several groups to work on a variety of projects:

▪ Several para-educators came in early to review with teachers tasks and curriculum for upcoming weeks.  With individualized education plans in place for each covered student, staff set goals to be worked on and a timeline over the next two weeks for how to accomplish these.

▪ Another group of staff worked to review the “Next Generation Science Standards” and align the expectations outlined within this document to our own curricular frameworks in science.  With it likely that the NGSS will become the accepted standard for science curricular objectives everywhere over the next few years, aligning may well be a crucial component to continued success in science.

▪ A group of staff covered the various components of the Skyward management system to ensure that all staff, and particularly new staff members, are able to take full advantage of the gradebook program, attendance, parent notification and so forth.

▪ In the Career and Technical Education departments, a group of staff members prepared lesson units aimed at increasing organizational skills in our students and increasing study skills across curricular areas.

▪ Our math department reviewed access to supplemental curricular materials and how to best fit them within the scope of the primary curricular material timeline.  Additional topics covered included released items from previous Algebra & Geometry Collection of Evidence submissions and the transition of curricular objectives into the world of the Common Core.

▪ Writing expectations were a main topic for our group of Language Arts instructors.  With staff changing grade levels, along with new staff, building consistency in the department and particularly toward the writing expectation protocols.

▪ The final group at CHS worked on “Guided Language Acquisition Design” or GLAD strategies, within various curricular areas. 



Technology Updates

Columbia School District is working to enhance technology in the classroom. Interactive Whiteboards are our latest addition.

Click HERE for a video demo.

Cold Weather Center

Watch this page for any school delays or closures during our winter season.  We will be posting the details in a scrolling banner like last year. 

Also check www.KNDU.com for area school delays and closures.