Burbank Grange Breakfast

The Burbank Grange is serving delicious, hot breakfast on Sundays in November from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Proceeds from the breakfast go toward scholarships for graduating seniors. The menu will be: Nov. 5th-sausage, scrambled eggs, juice, all you can eat pancakes and coffee. Nov. 12th-sausage, scrambled eggs, juice, all you can eat pancakes or biscuits and gravy, and coffee. Nov 19th-ham, scrambled eggs juice, all you can eat pancakes and coffee. Nov. 26th-ham or sausage, scrambled eggs, juice all you can eat pancakes and coffee. The cost is $6.00 for adults and $3.50 for 12 years and under. Come enjoy a great home cooked breakfast while supporting CHS students!

Bond Facilities Update

Thank you to the Columbia School District community for their overwhelming support in passing the construction bond.  This gift to the students and staff in our district is largely going towards remodeling our elementary multipurpose room into a dedicated cafeteria, adding staff bathrooms, adding new elementary classrooms, and constructing a new gym. 

Our architects have worked tirelessly with our school board to determine the new site and agree upon the general design for our elementary facilities.  Now that the school board approved the basic design, below is a link to the drawings.  We will change and update the website drawings from time-to-time as we move forward toward the realization of an exciting addition and renovation for Columbia Elementary School, which we plan to complete in preparation for the winter of 2018.

Bond Schematic Design

Welcome to Columbia School District!

Our Mission Statement: In partnership with our community, our mission is to provide relevant and challenging work that engages students so they persist when experiencing difficulties and have a sense of accomplishment when they succeed.

Upcoming Events

Monday, 20th:

Tuesday, 21st:
MS Boys Basketball Burbank at Warden (4:00 pm & 5:00 pm)

Wednesday, 22nd:
Early Release. Start of Thanksgiving Break

Thursday, 23rd:
Schools Closed. Thanksgiving Day!

Friday, 24th:
Schools Closed

Next Week:

Monday, 27th:
Missoula Children’s Theatre Play Tryouts at CHS Auditorium (3:00 pm)
Board Meeting (7:00 PM)
MS Boys Basketball McFarland at Burbank (4:00 pm & 5:00 pm)

Tuesday, 28th
MS Boys Basketball at Wahluke (4:00 pm & 5:00 pm)
HS Wrestling Finley at Burbank (6:00 pm)

Wednesday, 29th

Thursday, 30th

Friday, 1st
Missoula Children’s Theatre Aladdin at CHS Auditorium (1:00 pm & 7:00 pm)
HS Basketball – Burbank at Tri-Cities Prep (6:00 pm & 7:30 pm)

Saturday, 2nd
HS Basketball – DeSales at Burbank (6:00 pm & 7:30 pm)
HS Wrestling at Kennewick-Time TBD

DNA of Teaching & Learning

Core Logo

Curriculum Guide (includes C-Terms 360)


Common Language of Instruction

Teacher Principal Evaluation Frameworks (Danielson)

Instructional Coherence from Theory to Practice


This Week's Teacher Collaboration News

Monday, November 20, 2017:


Conferences went very well and it will be nice once Thanksgiving is over and we will have nearly four full weeks of school before winter break.  Today during collaboration, the following items were discussed: second grade is reviewing two digit addition with regrouping and working on money and time, fifth grade is starting Simple Machines and working on division strategies, fourth grade is using the area model for multiplications and setting up the tank for salmon, Kindergarten is getting ready for the Thanksgiving feast and finishing up the farm unit and third grade is reading Stone Fox and prepping for a Moby Max time challenge in December. 


  • We looked at graphs of each teacher's grade distribution for the first quarter and discussed what questions and thoughts came up as a result of the appearance of the visual.
  • We then did a Jigsaw activity were each person read one of four articles and shared back to the group about their article. The articles were:
    • Is Our Grading System Fair? - From Edutopia
    • How to Handle Late Student Work – From Teaching.com
    • Grade the Work, Not the Behavior – From Education Week
    • Grading for Growth in a High-Stakes World – From Mindset Works
  • We wrapped up the conversation by focusing on topics about grading such as:
    • Extra Credit
    • Late Work
    • Do grade motivate students
    • Do grades show student learning
    • Do we have grading policies that work against our goals of learning


For the 11/20 collaboration session at Columbia High School, staff broke out into a variety of Professional Learning Communities to work collaboratively.  The PLC group topics included:

  • A joint High School and Middle School staff PLC group reviewed grading procedures, how grades are interpreted and policies that effect the grading procedures.
  • A combination of staff from the English department and Career Tech department reviewed instructional units and created exams covering these.  Additionally a review of research topics to be used by students, and the formatting expectations common across the high school content areas was covered.
  • A group of staff completed preparations on a presentation regarding closing the achievement gap and reaching toward more equitable practices in education.
  • Math automaticies was the focus for a group of teachers.  In particular, the topic for engagement was plant life cycles, understanding and calculating the necessary information from tables in an effort to yield the best crops in the correct timeframes.  Additionally the math automaticity group reviewed recent assessments in an effort to set individual goals for students for the weeks to come.
  • Finally, a group worked on testing and placement.  Specifically, reviewing the ever-changing graduation requirements for each of the student groups served, how to implement vocational and post-high school goals into transition plans and interventions for state testing. 

Weather Delay & Closure Notifications

Watch this page for any school delays or closures during our winter season. We will be posting the details in a scrolling banner.

Parents, staff and students wishing to receive Columbia School District weather closure/delay announcements via email, text message, or push notification can sign up by going to

When you get to that page, start the process by entering your email address and setting a password. Once the account is established, you may add one or two additional email or cell text addresses. Each new entry will require you to launch a test message to that address which will contain a two-letter code which must be entered back onto your account page to ensure that the address(es) is valid, or by clicking the link in the message. Keep in mind that the cell phone companies can get backlogged on weather mornings as they try to keep up with the text messages, so it is recommended that you not rely entirely on text messages. We recommend you download the new, free app for iOS and Android called FlashAlert Messenger. It uses push notification to send messages directly to your phone, bypassing the cell companies' text message channel. Search for FlashAlert Messenger at the iTunes App Store (iOS) or at Google Play (Android). 

Also check www.KNDU.com for area school delays and closures. 

Technology Updates

Technology Updates will return in the Fall. Stay Tuned!

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