Network and Internet Acceptable Use


Columbia School District
Network and Internet Acceptable Use Policy


Columbia School District’s network access will allow a student to have access to the
internet and a logon name and password on the school's fileserver. This access will allow a
student to access, save and delete their own files from any student computer in the school.

  • I understand that computer access at school is a privilege.
  • I understand that I must adhere to a strict ethical standard.
  • I understand that any violation of these rules could result in a loss of network/computer
    privileges and/or other disciplinary action, depending on the severity of the violation.

I agree to the following conditions:

  • I will keep my password secure.
  • I will not allow another student to use my account.
  • I will follow all copyright laws.
  • I will not install any programs on computers.
  • I will not attempt to "hack", bypass district security measures or alter/modify the
    computer hardware or software.
  • I will not engage in games or any other activity that is not school-related or teacher
  • I will not use Columbia School District technology to harass others or to send, create,
    duplicate or in any way convey profanity, abusive language, or inappropriate images.
  • I realize that I can be held responsible for any misuse of my account. I will immediately
    report to a teacher or administrator if I think someone knows my password. Upon such
    notification the student’s password will be changed.
I agree,
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