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Our Mission Statement: In partnership with our community, our mission is to provide relevant and challenging work that engages students so they persist when experiencing difficulties and have a sense of accomplishment when they succeed.


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This Week's Teacher Collaboration News

Monday, October 20, 2014:

COLUMBIA ELEMENTARY SCHOOL The 5th Grade Veterans Day performance is only 10 days away!  It will kick off many activities than honor the people that have served in the US Armed Forces.

▪ Pre-School worked on:  children are identifying the five senses focusing on touch this week. They use their senses to make observations about materials and the environment; and compare and contrast. They will explore items using scientific tools (e.g., magnifiers, tape measure, sound instruments).

▪ Kindergarten discussed the WaKIDS report on individual children to be sent home with report cards.   Report will cover literacy and math beginning skills for each child.   Report cards and WaKIDS report will be sent first week of November.  The teachers also worked on revising the report card for CCSS.

▪ The 1st Grade teachers reviewed the math pacing guide and decided to move up chapter 5 (addition) before chapters 3 and 4.  The kids will be going on a fieldtrip on Friday, October 24th to Job’s nursery. 

▪ The 2nd Grade teachers reviewed the following:  conferences and conference letters, homework routines, shoe tying lesson, math reviews of subtraction and the Social Studies unit about the community. 

▪ The 3rd grade met with a variety of science teachers and reviewed our science program and partnering with McNary Refuge. We are already signing off on fieldtrip requests!  Their plan is to tie the trips in with science, math and reading. 

▪ The 4th and 5th Grade reviewed essential math testing and are coming up with a strategy for the students that are testing out of the program.  Conferences for the students will be interesting this year in that Mrs. Rickords will be conferencing with 4th and 5th grade students in math!  Using the Flow Map (part of the Thinking Maps Program) the students are doing an excellent job summarizing their ideas and concepts. 


COLUMBIA MIDDLE SCHOOL - During the October 20th collaboration the middle school staff went through a presentation on the intervention and special education programs.  They discussed the roles of the teachers and how students are placed.  Examples of accommodations to meet students’ needs were addressed.   The purpose of today’s collaboration was for all teachers to communicate and have a common understanding of the different levels of students within the classrooms.


COLUMBIA HIGH SCHOOL - At Columbia High School, the 10/20/14 collaboration session was mainly used for the creation of student growth goals and the assigning of pre and post testing data to be used in the completion and evaluation for the student growth goal built.  Staff as a whole agreed to:  “Please create and use a pretest for the C-terms in your content area for use in at least one classroom, also create a similar post test covering the same terms for use in the same classroom(s).  For this one content area that will be utilized, the goal student growth shall be either an increase in pre to post measurement of 30% or a post assessment measure of at least 70% for each individual student.  The preparation of the pre/post assessment will serve as SG 6.1 as well as potential evidence for setting instructional outcomes (1c) and designing assessments (1f), in addition to other areas if you make the connection.   The data collected between the pre and post versions of your C-terms assessment may serve as achievement of student growth goals, SG 6.2.”

Staff also reviewed the roles and expectations for homecoming week.  It looks to be a great one!


Technology Updates

Columbia School District is working to enhance technology in the classroom. Interactive Whiteboards are our latest addition.

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