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Our Mission Statement: In partnership with our community, our mission is to provide relevant and challenging work that engages students so they persist when experiencing difficulties and have a sense of accomplishment when they succeed.

Kindergarten Registration

Kindergarten Registration now open during school hours. 
Please bring in birth certificate and immunization records.

Restaurant Simulation Day

Come to Mrs. Williams room (room 108) in the high school on May 3rd and May 5th to enjoy a catered lunch, brought to you by the students. (Student-made advertisements below!)

Come to the "Great Sombrero" (room 108) on May 3rd for Taco Tuesday & Much More! 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM

Come on down to the old Chuck Wagon! We serve breakfast style food and drink. We are open on May 5th from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM.


Free Summer Camp Opportunities

Available for 10th and 11th grades!  
Limited spots available.

Summer Camp Opportunities

American Legion Summer Camp

This Week's Events

Wednesday 5/4


Thursday 5/5

HS Tennis - Burbank at Wahluke (3:30pm)
MS Baseball - Warden at Burbank (4pm)
MS Fast Pitch - Warden at Burbank (4pm)

Friday 5/6

HS Fast Pitch - Burbank at Ki-Be (3pm) DH
HS Track - Burbank at Royal (3:30pm)

Saturday 5/7

CHS Pep Band playing at Pasco Wal-Mart (10:30am - 12pm)

Sunday 5/8


Monday 5/9

Band Booster Meeting at CHS Band Room (6:30pm)

Tuesday 5/10

HS Tennis - Burbank at Connell (3:30pm)
MS Baseball - Burbank at Finley (4pm)
MS Fast Pitch- Burbank at Finley (4pm)

DNA of Learning and Teaching

Core Logo

Curriculum Guide (includes C-Terms 360)


Common Language of Instruction

Teacher Principal Evaluation Frameworks (Danielson)

Instructional Coherence from Theory to Practice


This Week's Teacher Collaboration News

Monday, May 2, 2016:

COLUMBIA ELEMENTARY SCHOOL - Thank you one and all who came to the STEAM Expo…it was the most successful one we have had to date!  And the Marimba bands…wow, they sound awesome.  Also a big thank to Mrs. Linja for the book fair, it was quite a success.  This week during collaboration:

▪Mr. Yale and four staff members met with the District ELA Committee.  Our school is in the process of adopting a new reading series soon; drop by our office and see what we are looking at.

▪Other items discussed today included:  SBAC testing for the 5th grade this week and how well it went for the 3rd grade, various field trips coming up for a variety of grade levels, a Native American unit, preschool visitations to the Kindergarten, more chick are hatching, a variety of math topics and Cinco de Mayo activities. 

▪If you have not tried the ap called Stack the States on the iPad, try it!

COLUMBIA MIDDLE SCHOOL -  The PE teachers completed a walk-through of the two locker rooms to determine the feasibility of switching the boys and girls locker rooms in the Middle School. It was determined that size and amenities were very comparable and minor accomodations would be needed.

The science teachers discussed unit pacing and looked at doing an experiment later in the week for 8th grade science. The also finished designing a lesson on animal classification for use later in the unit and then worked on helping each other with the TPEP data on the computer.

The intervention teachers and one additional teacher discussed ways to accommodate struggling students in their regular ed classes. Lastly, the discussed some common behavior patterns and how those behaviors should be handled.     

COLUMBIA HIGH SCHOOL - For the 5/2 collaboration session at Columbia High School, staff broke into several Professional Learning Community groups to cover specific topics.  The PLC’s included:

▪The present content of our high school health curriculum.  Content was compared against standards, also scope and sequence for the school year review to ensure all mandatory topics are covered before the school year ends.

▪The administration of finals and the state’s End of Course Exams in sciences.  The collaboration plans for building these into the calendar this school year were reviewed, student data for driving instruction in the upcoming school year was reviewed and a discussion on the best course of action for the coming school year initiated.

▪A group of career and technical education instructors reviewed student data from last week’s mock interview sessions.  Also looked at CTE funding, how to ensure a maximal impact to programs.

▪Lesson planning with a target of increasing student engagement was a focus for another PLC group.  Data from automaticity scores were reviewed as well, along with adjustments in content for targeted student based on the data, as needed for the remaining six weeks of school.

▪Finally, a group of staff participated in our English/Language Arts curriculum adoption committee.  The group reviewed timelines for materials review, purchase and implementation.


Weather Delay & Closure Notifications

Watch this page for any school delays or closures during our winter season. We will be posting the details in a scrolling banner.

Parents, staff and students wishing to receive Columbia School District weather closure/delay announcements via email, text message, or push notification can sign up by going to

When you get to that page, start the process by entering your email address and setting a password. Once the account is established, you may add one or two additional email or cell text addresses. Each new entry will require you to launch a test message to that address which will contain a two-letter code which must be entered back onto your account page to ensure that the address(es) is valid, or by clicking the link in the message. Keep in mind that the cell phone companies can get backlogged on weather mornings as they try to keep up with the text messages, so it is recommended that you not rely entirely on text messages. We recommend you download the new, free app for iOS and Android called FlashAlert Messenger. It uses push notification to send messages directly to your phone, bypassing the cell companies' text message channel. Search for FlashAlert Messenger at the iTunes App Store (iOS) or at Google Play (Android). .

Also check www.KNDU.com for area school delays and closures. 

Technology Updates

Columbia School District is working to enhance technology in the classroom. Interactive Whiteboards are our latest addition.

Click HERE for a video demo.
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