Superintendents Corner

Dear Patrons,

Friday, June 3, we will welcome hundreds to celebrate the 101st year of the existence of the Columbia School District and the 88th graduating class from Columbia High School.  Over their high school years they engaged in lessons from health to history; they participated in athletics and the arts; and they enriched the fabric of our community from the youngest to the oldest.  In the event-filled days leading to graduation, senior athletes listened to their final roar of approving crowds.  Others took time for their final theater curtain call or heard the approving applause at their final music concert.  Along with completing one last assignment and final examinations, our seniors entered the final two weeks leading to graduation with a flurry, beginning with an annual senior trip.  Recognition of the seniors included a special recognition awards ceremony and scholarships.  Our local churches also honored our graduates at baccalaureate accompanied by a slideshow that reminded us of the time we spent watching the unsteady steps of toddlers grow into resolute footprints of young adults forging pathways to fulfill their dreams and goals.  For our seniors, graduation represents closing the door to the freedom of childhood and entering the gates to the world of opportunities.  We as kinfolk, school family, friends and the community will cherish the memories that they etched in our minds and wish them the best of their dreams and plans.   We wish you well, graduates, as you face adulthood with some timidity and great anticipation.  The Hawaiian word “Aloha!” comes to mind which means both good bye and hello and also means love and affection!  Aloha, seniors!



Lou Gates, Superintendent