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Welcome to Columbia Middle School!

Columbia Middle School is an organization that is committed to providing all students with quality work in classrooms where students feel appreciated and successful while being academically challenged. The work is created with the Washington State Standards as the guiding force, with quality curricular materials in the hands of each teacher.

The middle school is structured in grade level teams which help to nurture emotional and academic growth in two ways. First, students spend most of their day within three classrooms, where they create closer relationships with teachers and with each other. They also develop a sense of belonging and community which helps to improve their own personal identity. Secondly, teachers understand the needs of each student and are better able to meet those needs. The teachers on each team have a common planning block where they are able to discuss student concerns and work together to create quality work for our students.

Besides the benefits above, our students also have a group of electives that enrich and enhance their educational experience. Sixth graders may choose to take Current Events, Band, Multi Media or Physical Education. Seventh and Eighth graders can take Art, Multi Media, Band or Physical Education.

Columbia Middle School has around 250 students which is a great number for the staff to make personal connections with each student and closely monitor their development. We have a personal interest in the success of our students and will work to help them reach their potential. The hope for our students in the future is that they are happy, productive members of society. Where that, regardless of the path they choose, they would continually work to better their lives and those within their community.

- Mike Taylor, Principal