Columbia School District Calendars


The CSD webpage offers a few different calendars for it's viewers to access (on the navigation bar to the right). These are put here to keep you up to date with what's happening with the schools and what you can expect the students school year to look like.

The Academic Calendars
: If you're a parent and would like to know what you can expect for days off for vacation perhaps, or just what the school year for your children is going to look like, these calendars are great resources. They show full days, half days, and days off, as well as why each of these would occur.


The Master Sports Calendar: If you are curious as to what the schedule for all sports related activities involving Columbia Burbank are, the new Master Sports Calendar is a great resource. Through the calendar you can set yourself up to receive automatic email/text notifications for any activites or changes to activity schedules. (Standard data/text rates may apply)

Sports Calendar Academic Calendar
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