Bond and Levy

The Columbia School District Board of Directors is proposing a $4,500,000 bond to our community. The greater portion of this proposal would go towards the elementary school; including adding a needed new gym, constructing new classroom space to alleviate overcrowding, and expanding the very small staff restrooms.

The east wing of Columbia Elementary School was built in 1967. The west wing was added to the elementary school in 1980, almost doubling the school in size. The original multi- purpose room however was not expanded to accommodate twice as many students.  In addition, the location of the current multi-purpose room is not efficient use of space because it is surrounded by core academic classrooms. The noise disturbance from the multi-purpose room is a tremendous distraction for young learners.


Estimated Project Costs

With the passage of a bond, the district would complete the following projects:

●Build an elementary school gymnasium to allow students to eat in the multi-purpose room area and no longer in their classrooms. This will also allow additional instructional time in the classrooms as well as additional physical education time. The total projected cost is $2,500,000.

●Build additional classrooms at the elementary school to alleviate over crowding, caused in part by the addition of all-day kindergarten, preschool and state required reduced K-3 class sizes. The total projected cost is $1,000,000

●Complete additional health, safety and infrastructure improvements throughout the school district. Total projected costs are $1,000,000.


Capital Project Bond Projected Tax Rates

The 1998 bond that primarily went to modernize our high school retires in 2017. Unlike this bond, the new bond, with voter approval, would retire in just five years. 

Even with a new bond, taxpayers will see a drop in their current tax rates. The projected tax rate of the proposed bond is estimated at $1.54 per $1,000 of assessed property value.  On a home valued at $100,000, this would average a monthly payment of $12.83.  The 1998 bond rate is currently $1.78 per $1,000 of assessed property value and will fall off the tax rolls the end of 2017.  The new bond would replace the 1998 bond when it falls off the tax rolls. 

Total bond amount requested = $4.5 million (financed over 5 years)

  Value           Per Month        Per Year
$100,000               $12.83             $154.00
$150,000               $19.25             $231.00
$200,000               $25.66             $308.00
$250,000               $32.08             $385.00
$300,000               $38.50             $462.00


Bond Fact Brochure #1

Bond Fact Brochure #2

Bond Fact Brochure #3


To understand more about the upcoming bond proposal we invite you to join us for a forum in your area. This is a wonderful opportunity to ask questions and gain additional information.

January 17, 2017—Charbonneau Fire Station (7:00 pm)

January 18, 2017—Wallula Fire Hall (7:00 pm)

January 19, 2017 —Fire Station on Humorist (7:00 pm)